Saturday, April 20, 2013

Clarifying Rule #6

I just wanted to say a couple of things about a recent post I made, the Top 10 Tips for Spanking Fiction Writers. I've received a couple of negative comments about #6, which condones the writing of stories involving the spanking of minors.

I totally understand the viewpoint of a few readers that found this appalling or upsetting, and I respect their right to have those views and apologize for offending any of you. I probably should have thought over the comment a little more before posting it.

However, to play devil's advocate, I personally don't think there's anything wrong with writing spanking fiction that involves minors, nor do I think it causes anyone to be motivated to hurt children anymore than watching a violent movie encourages you to go shoot someone. Perhaps part of the reason I can sympathize with this point of view is that I am still fairly young and can remember writing stories as a teen where teenagers were spanked by their parents for perceived wrong doing. And I think the vast majority of these stories are written more from the standpoint of someone who wishes they had been spanked as a teen rather than someone who wants to spank teens.

My purpose of the post was to give some insight and advice on what the boundaries of this should be. Because I have read stories involving minors that offend me, and I am a fairly laid back person on the matter. My intent with the rule was to discourage the written abuse of children, as opposed to encouraging it. I realize standards for what is and is not abuse of children are hardly universal.

So basically, my intentions were good, but perhaps I was speaking to the wrong audience and/or was not very effective in communicating my meaning.

To reiterate something I said in my original post, Christian Spanking Fellowship is not a blog about the spanking of children and I did not wish to discuss the subject in the slightest. Because I wasn't as strict with this rule as I probably should have been, I left the door open for this subject.

At any rate, rest assured that this will be the last time the subject is discussed on this blog, whether the children are real or fictional.

God bless, and KCATOS!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rolling Up and Walking Tall

I think we all have little subconscious habits that we don't even notice in our day to day lives. I know I do, and every once in a while I actually notice them. This week at work, I wore a long-sleeved dress shirt to compensate for the cold weather in my area. I wasn't at work an hour before I had rolled up my sleeves to just above my elbows. I don't think that's an uncommon thing; sleeves get in the way when you need to do work. What caught me off guard was that as soon as I rolled up my sleeves, the entire way I carried myself changed as well.

Normally, I tend to slump while walking and wear my "thinking face" (which everyone seems to confuse with an angry face) when I'm at work. A lot of that is just general tiredness. I get physically tired, mentally tired and I just get to a point where I don't care about my physical presentation. You'd never be able to tell that THAT Aaron is actually pretty color coordinated and likes to have nice clothes.

But when I roll up my sleeves, everything changes. My back straightens, my head goes up, I flex my shoulders, I take longer strides, and I have a huge smile on my face the entire time. I have more self confidence and actually feel like a sexy beast, baby! (TM Chris Jericho)

This is something I like to refer to as "Walking Tall". I don't always Walk Tall, but when I am, it's a good day. Usually it means I'm proud of something I did or that I'm thinking about spanking someone who deserves it. But it turns our, rolling up my sleeves has that effect on me. Who knew?

Maybe it's just because I really do love my forearms and especially my hands. I struggle with my self image sometimes, but my hands are just pieces of art. Maybe that's because I'm just naturally attracted to hands, but I really do love them. I feel empowered and attractive when my best feature is showcased.

Of course, rolling up a sleeve is a great thing to do just before a spanking to set the more spankee on edge. So maybe it's just all connected in my brain.

Keep Calm and Think of Spanking! I know I can't seem to stop....

Another Blog You Should Be Reading...

 I just want to give a quick shout out to Hermione's Heart, which is a blog I've been following off and on for years and regularly since I've been writing my own blog. Hermione is one of the more humorous bloggers I've seen, with her Wednesday Wins and Friday Fails always managing to brighten up my week. If you aren't following her already, you need to be!

This is also my public "Thank you," to Hermione for sharing my blog post and hopefully expanding my audience a little bit. God bless.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Post: Which Do You Prefer?

Something you or may not have inferred from my blogs to this point is that I am a huge fan of movies. I love cinema. I love all the different ways that film makers and actors and visual effects teams work together to create an art that really gets taken for granted in today's society. I try to watch a new movie at least once a week, whether it's a new release or some classic film that I haven't seen before (finally knocked "Pulp Fiction" of the bucket list last week). One of this week's movies was "Life of Pi", the 2013 Oscar winner for Visual Effects and Directing, as well as a nominee for best picture.

I immediately regretted not seeing this in the movie theater, as the visual effects were nothing short of astounding. It was very much like seeing "Avatar" for the first time, I could not believe what my eyes were seeing on my screen, and it would have been wonderful to see it in theaters as it was meant to be seen.

But why am I discussing it on this blog?

In short, my review of the film is: "Come for the visual effects, stay for the religious discussion."

The main character of the story, a boy named Piscine who shortens his name to Pi to avoid the obvious joke from school bullies, is a man of three faiths. Despite his father's belief that "religion is darkness", Pi inherits the traditions of Hinduism from his mother, then later learns to love and form a relationship with God through Christ. He then learns how to to devote himself to prayer by learning from Muslims. It is a fascinating character trait, as most people I know prefer to have one religion or none at all.

The journey that Pi relates is almost impossible to believe, and the man who asked him to tell it was told the story would make him believe in God. While the bulk of the movie is dedicated to the fantastic story of how Pi survives on the pacific ocean on a boat with an adult Bengal Tiger, there is also a scene at the end where he convincingly tells a more plausible (but far darker) version of his journey in order to please people who cannot believe the more grandiose one.

All day I have been asking myself, "Which version of the story is what really happened in the world of this movie?" It took me a while to realize that this isn't the point of the movie.

Pi asks the man interviewing him, "Which story do your prefer?"

Not "Which do you believe?" but "Which do you prefer?" I find that to be a fascinating question. Given the choice between a believable but tragic and heartbreaking story that cannot be proven and a grandiose, farfetched but beautiful story full of meaning that can also not be proven.....what do you really prefer?

It is interesting to me that a movie that spends so much of it's time discussing religion adamantly refuses to take a side. It condemns faith, it condones it, it wonders at the insanity of it and revels in the peace and beauty of it. Is the movie trying to promote all religions as true, or only one? Is it message that you can't mix faiths and have it work, or that you must mix faiths in order to have it be complete? Maybe it's simply saying that it doesn't matter what faith you have, so long as you have it. Or is it's message that the cold, hard truth is that no matter how beautiful your faith, it's ultimately a lie?

Or's just asking you what you prefer.

For me, I have to agree with the man who was looking for a story that would make him believe in God.

The one with the Tiger is a much better story.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The More the Merrier?

I'm not a fan of the show "Big Bang Theory" at all really. There are several reasons, but I don't want to get into them because I know there are a lot of fans of the show and I don't feel like starting a debate. Because it is so popular and is seemingly always on TV though, I've seen quite a bit of the show in the break room of my store.

Last night it turned out to be "that" episode. The one where Sheldon spanks his girlfriend, which I had heard about but not yet seen. To my complete surprise, it was actually a clever and well-written spanking scene that completely suited the two characters involved. I wish more shows had spanking scenes as good as that, preferably with characters I actually enjoy instead of ones I want to punch in the face.

I am glad I was alone in the break room for this though. While I don't mind being open about what I like to most people, I don't exactly want to be outed by accident. There are some people I work with that I can just tell don't need to know that about me if our relationship is going to continue to be relatively civil.

As I worked the rest of the night, the most prominent thought in my mind was "What would it be like to have my spanking kink exposed in public?" which gradually turned into "Would I ever like to spank or be spanked in a public setting?"

The answer is a definite yes. I would love to be involved in a public spanking. It would be extremely humiliating for the spankee and thus more exciting for both parties. I just don't think I'd have the nerve to actually go through with it if I didn't know the people involved (or even if they were some people I did know). Not to mention the slight chance of police getting involved...

However, one thing I think I would like to do if my partner is okay with it is invite a third party to witness a spanking. Obviously it would have to be someone we both know and trust who has either a well-developed interest in spanking or at least a burgeoning curiosity. I don't know how most people about this, but I know that if it was a friend it would be comfortable and even exhilarating to have an audience.

Actually, now that I think about it, I enjoy pretty much any spanking situation with three or four people. Whether it's two Tops and a Sub, two Subs and a Top, or any other combination. And from either side really. I think it would be a blast to be spanked as a couple by a friend of ours.

So that's just what's been rolling through my head the last twenty-four hours. Anyone have any thoughts, stories, advice, questions, etc? Feel free to share them!

Keep Calm and Think of Spanking!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ten Tips For Spanking Fiction Writers

I've been preparing to write some new stories for this blog, as it is something I really enjoy doing and hopefully I can provide some entertainment and insight through them. While I do write other things that don't involve spanking, I've always been drawn to what I call "The Spanking Narrative". It's that process of getting in trouble, the rift in a relationship, paying a fair price for your crime, mending the relationship and learning your lesson. Sometimes this narrative process even turns up in my stories that have nothing to do with spanking!

Anyway, I wanted to post some tips for my reference and for anyone else who writes or wants to write spanking fiction. These are all things I've learned from making these mistakes in the past and I hope they prove helpful.

1. Do not repetitiously use onomatopoeia. Nothing is more boring than reading "SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!" "OW! OW! OW!"

2. Remove clothing slowly and change implements frequently. Spanking is a monotonous activity, so the more things you have to write about the longer you can keep a spanking going.

3. Experiment with different locations, positions, time periods and even genre. Variety is the spice of life, and that applies to spanking fiction as well. The more original your setting is, the more chance you have of catching your audience's attention.

4. Always have a good reason for a spanking to happen. Even if your spanking is the fun, happy and sexy kind, make sure the one getting spanked earns it. Getting in trouble is a vital part of spanking play.

5. If you are writing a story with multiple chapters, don't have a spanking every chapter. Droughts between spankings allow a reader to take a breath, invest in the characters and whet their appetite for the next spanking to occur.

6. It is perfectly acceptable to write spanking fics where the spankees in question are minors. Please keep in mind the boundaries of good taste while doing so (in general, sex is to be avoided at all costs), and be mindful that the younger a child is the less severe their spankings should be.

7. Focus on the emotional journey your characters take over the course of a spanking, rather than the physical action. What is their usual emotional state? How does that change leading up, during, and after the spanking? The emotional ride creates an attachment to the characters that will last much longer than the memory of how they were spanked.

8. Do not be afraid to inject lots of humor into your spanking stories.

9. If you are not using your own original characters (fan fiction), be sure to get a firm grasp on the character so that you can write them "in character". Nothing is more repulsive in fan fiction than a character who acts completely different from they originally are.

10. If you are using your own original characters, make sure they have character. Give them unique personalities, dreams and goals, motivations for why they do things they do. Memorable characters are the key to any good story, and spanking fiction is no exception.

Keep Calm and Think of Spanking!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Was Bound To Discuss It

I'll start this post off by saying that yesterday I came across a book in my store that nearly made me cry.

How kinky is your chicken? How noosed is your goose?

One thing I wanted to make sure I did with this blog is not go on a rant about "50 Shades of Grey". I'm pretty sure we've all either read the book or have read posts complaining about how terrible it is and I don't want to be absolutely redundant. But I will say that the above parody book made my day. I like that somebody capitalized on the success in an absolutely hilarious manner.

It also got me thinking about bondage.

To me, one of the more annoying aspects of admitting I'm a spanko is that everyone naturally assumes I want to be tied up and spanked with a riding crop by a dominatrix. I mean....I do, but that's so far away from what I think about when I think about spanking that it's frustrating to explain that this sort of cliched kinkiness really isn't how I'm wired. I have an open sexual mind and am willing to try just about anything once, and if I enjoy it, maybe more than once. But....spanking and the rest of the trappings of BDSM have always been separate creatures in my mind.

Another thing I never understood is why bondage is a culturally acceptable kink but even the brief mention of giving your wife or girlfriend a serious spanking is met with gasps and head shakes. To me, bondage is far more abusive, controlling and misogynistic than spanking is. Spanking is an act I associate with love and nurturing, righting a wrong so that you can return your relationship to a healthy, happy state. Bondage is something I associate with helplessness and sexual slavery, which aren't bad in and of themselves, but I don't get the double standard at all really.

As a Top, I personally don't get a whole lot of enjoyment out of thinking of someone being so restricted. It takes away from the "childish discipline" tone that I usually fantasize about when thinking about spanking. I'd rather have my partner squirming and kicking at the start of a spanking and gradually submit to a place of staying still than to just be forced to stay still during a spanking. This isn't to say that I don't find women in the trappings of bondage a pleasurable sight, it's just different from what I like about spanking.

So overall, unless my partner is really into bondage and needs it to submit to a spanking, it's not something I would ever use as a discipline tool.

Of course, I'm a bit of a hypocrite, as the submissive side of me finds the idea of being tied up rather exhilarating. I have a natural aversion to handcuffs due to associating them with a rather painful memory, but the idea of rope, leather or cloth bindings around my wrists and ankles definitely appeals to me. It's fairly light bondage to be sure, but I'm okay with that. As I've said before, there's no wrong way to be a spanko, other than trying to define yourself into a niche you aren't really comfortable with because that's what spankos are theoretically "supposed" to be.

I guess my conclusive thought is just that in the line between spanking and sex, bondage is clearly more related to sex than it is to spanking. But that's just me.